Ivan Can’t Take It

Ivan Can’t Take It“- C.T. demo, recorded at Babyville, Jan. 29, 2019

Our annual Groundhog Day all-Ivan extravaganza has been complicated this year by the fact that the Superbowl is on the day itself, so we thought we better steer clear of that particular melee. Also, we had planned to release an official all-Ivan album, “The Ivan Variations” at this year’s Event, but ran into some unforeseen last minute difficulties on that one, too, that will delay it until next year’s Event.

So all we really have for you Groundhog Day zealots this year is this one stinkin’ demo, and even that’s just a first draft, rather than a “finished” product. (Too bad I couldn’t do a decent recording of the rehearsal last night, where it really started to take shape and change immensely w all dem hipvpn dudes on hand)… Sending this demo is really an insult to your intelligences, especially with that awful “Twist & Shout” intro… I’m so ashamed! Worst Groundhog Day ever… I hate everything… 

Ivan Can’t Take It
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