I Got To Move (Philharmonic version)

I Got To Move” – the Chandler Travis Philharmonic, recorded live at the Midway by yours truly using my patented Horrend-O-phonic sound process (a beat up old Sony portable cassette deck) sometime in the late nineties. and originally featured on RadioBall #4, “Miss America Presents the Chandler Travis Philharmonic“. Great work from the rhythm section, especially Rikki Bates on drums and John Styklunas aka Whitey Houston on string bass; also turned out to be yet another great mandocello song, courtesy of my brother from another mother, Dinty Child.

And while we’re doting on RadioBall #4, here’s another from that forgotten volume: “Time Marches On“, probably recorded by Tom Lawlor when we did his cable TV show, I’m guessing. The RadioBall period was really the Philharmonic’s heyday, back when we were playing every week with a pretty amazing line-up (Keiichi, Keith, Rikki, Dinty, et al), and experimenting and first finding our way.

This song goes back a lot further, though, back to the one and only Travis, Shook, & the Club Wow album, “The Essential TSCW“, where it was performed by another great band with some pretty good ringers (John Payne, Alan Dawson, and Bill Elliott, for instance; Terry Adams and Tom Ardolino also played on a bunch of tracks, back before Tom had joined the ‘Q.) Both versions sport the same nifty horn arrangement by Keith Spring, aka Mahavishnu John Casual, the RadioBall version with CTP stalwart Mark Chenevert on tenor sax.

I Got To Move (Philharmonic version)

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