Air Running Backwardses

It’s the “Air, Running Backwards” challenge! We dare you to like one of these versions of this old favorite better than the other!

It wasn’t until we were mastering “Bocce and Bourbon” -in fact, after we had mastered the album with the original version -that we suddenly came up with a totally re-vamped version of this old standby, which delayed the album for another few months while we recorded and mixed the new version at Ice Station Zebra with my longtime engineer / Master of Mixology (both kinds) Ducky Carlisle (imagine his delight as we shuttled from mastering all the way back to basic tracks -the man’s a saint!)

Always loved the original, recorded by my longtime colleague, Bill Scheniman (aka Mr. Noisyclothes) sometime around 1997, mostly at Berklee College of Music, and always enjoyed playing it live, and did so frequently all these years, solo and with the Casuals (briefly), the Philharmonic, and the Three-O.

In fact it was on a Three-O gig last summer at Bubala’s where I got this new notion for a re-arrangement, and Berke and John contributed wonderful new keyboard and bass lines, and then Sam Wood came in and nailed down the groove for his first recording with us. The cherry on top, though, was getting my wife, the never-less-than-adorable Mrs. Kelp (aka Rachel Jarvis), out of retirement for the backing vocals.

Air Running Backwardses

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