New Catbirds Song on A Record About Records for Record Store Day

Some of you may remember that last year Chandler contributed the song “Still Wanna Make a Record” to the record “Bubbles in the Think Tank presents The Petite 7 Inch Record.”   It was a record about records, released in time for Record Store Day 2012, and compiled by our friends Belinda and January Fairy over at WMFO‘s Bubbles in the Think Tank radio show.

This year Belinda & January Fairy again asked for a contribution from Chandler, and of course he again could not resist their charms.  As a result, The Catbirds recorded a brand-spanking new song called “Playin’ Records” for “Bubbles in the Think Tank presents Eponymously Entitled.”  That’s right, another record about records, this one will be available in time for Record Store Day 2013 (Saturday, April 20).

In addition to the Catbirds, the record includes Deke Dickerson (rockabilly/hillbilly/rock & roll/etc guitarist with his own Ecco-Fonics and the Dave & Deke Combo); The Weisstronauts (mostly instrumental surf/spy/ska/psychedelia); SEMIchuck (featuring members of Chicago’s Chuckleheads UK); Mr. Curt / Bird Mancini (Mr. Curt is a Boston institution – geez, he started off in the scene as road manager for the Modern Lovers! – and Bird Mancini is a guitar/accordion duo that wowed us all at the 2012 Boston Christmas Cavalcade); and the legendary Pete Labonne (you do know about Pete, right? no? Check THIS out!).

There’s even cover art from our good friend in Japan Yutaka Suzuki, with art direction by our friend Todd Remley from Indiana, and label art by the famous Cal Schenkel (“Trout Mask Replica”, anyone?)

Buy your copy now over at – we recommend getting the actual record because the package is so lovely, and it comes with a digital download that includes bonus tracks.

So head over to – what the hell are you waiting for?!?

New Catbirds Song on A Record About Records for Record Store Day
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