Merry Christmas from Cambridge and Rachel Jarvis

Well, first of all, merry Christmas n happy holidays n’ all… I perhaps should mention right at the top that this year’s mix is relatively silly even by my standards… also relatively filthy, as it features a couple of songs (which I’ve thoughtfully placed at the very end, to make them easy to avoid) that use “bad” language, namely Eric Idle’s wonderful “Fuck Christmas”, which I’m almost certain will hit the spot with most of you, and MC Chris’s “****in’ Up My Christmas”, which is also kinda fun. (For those who’d like to burn or play CDs that avoid these substantial pleasures completely, there’s a second, “clean version” track list, too… christ, I am so fucking considerate during the holidays!)

Download the whole shebang:

[download id=”14282″ format=”download”]

Download/listen to each individual track:


Artwork files:

[download id=”14284″]

[download id=”14287″]

[download id=”14290″]

[download id=”14293″]

Merry Christmas from Cambridge and Rachel Jarvis

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